A unique Software Suite dedicated to PCB Imaging








The software developed by ALTIX-AutomaTech over 10 years are the most advanced HMI to handle and control machine processes.

All the exposure units develop by ALTIX are button free, all dialogue between machine and operator is done through touch screen.

All equipment are multi-language : English, Chinese, Korean, German, French, Italien, ...

This system record all actions, machine and process parameters.

For each panel, over 350 data are recorded and allow a precise and efficient analysis.


Records :

  • Up to 350 parameters per panel
  • All jobs and batches data
  • All registration results before and after alignment and vacuum
  • All exposure parameters, energy, temperatures, time, etc...
  • All machine status : On, Off, Waiting, Set-up, etc...
  • All machine defects or troubles with date, time and duration
Analysis :
  • Machine performance, uptime, setup time
  • Process parameters as :
    • Temperature trends
    • Exposure variation
    • Panel targets distribution
    • Cycle time
    • Etc...


- SPC, Statistical process control